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Manchester Airport has revealed plans to be the first major UK airport to open a private terminal, which offers passengers a “private jet experience” while flying on commercial airlines.

The airport released preview designs of the new terminal, which will be called PremiAir.

The PremiAir experience will be available to purchase for passengers irrespective of class of travel or the destination they are flying to – and prices start at £50.

There will be several different services available depending on individual passengers’ preferences.

It will be entirely separate to the existing three terminals at Manchester.

The intention is that PremiAir should offer a premium service to a wide range of passengers, whether they are travelling on business, for a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of luxury to their trip.

Passengers using PremiAir to depart from Manchester Airport will kick-off their journey in style, with a range of special services.

They include: a personalised welcome, speedy baggage processing, an elegant lounge with complimentary food and drink, and a dedicated security channel.

They will then be driven straight to their plane in a private car transfer.

Passengers arriving back into Manchester will also be able to use PremiAir, either as part of a round trip booking or as a standalone service.

They will benefit from a car transfer direct from their plane and use of a dedicated passport control service.

They will also be able to relax in the PremiAir lounge while their luggage is returned personally to them.

Inside the PremiAir terminal, there will be a range of spaces designed to cater for different needs, ranging from individual travellers to larger groups.

The new PremiAir terminal is situated away from the existing terminals, just two minutes’ drive from the M56.

Secure parking will be available for those who drive to the facility.

As well as easy road access, passengers using PremiAir will benefit from reduced walking distances, as the total walking distance from arriving at the terminal to the aircraft door will be under 20 metres (65 feet).

Airport taxis Edinburgh

Whether it’s taxi transfers or luxurious lounges, business travel costs can rack up fast. Book your taxi from Edinburgh Airport now on 0800-6190575 .

FairFX has released a study ranking the airports likely to produce the biggest and smallest expense forms, from Dubai with the priciest executive lounge to Amsterdam with the costliest premium parking. Edinburgh Airport was 9th  cheapest airport executive lounge 

The study compared the price of various common expenses at 25 airports in the UK and overseas. Edinburgh Airport was 22nd in the table for the cost of one week of premium parking (defined as the best/most convenient on offer).

The cheapest lounge was in Tokyo, where access to the Narita Travel lounge is £8.74.

Beijing was the best value overall, based on a basic lunch for one, mid-range dinner for two, taxis to and from the airport and a mid-range hotel for under £200, while London’s Stansted was three times as much – the most expensive in the ranking.

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See the full list here:

Top 10 most expensive airport executive lounges

RankAirportName of loungeCost for 1 adult
1DubaiEmirates lounge (non member access) £199.60
2London CityFirst Class Club £95.00
3London Heathrow T2Plaza premium £40.00
4London Heathrow T5Club Aspire £34.99
5FrankfurtSky Lounge £34.07
6London Gatwick – SouthNo 1 Lounge £32.00
7ParisAirFrance lounge (non member access) £30.57
8TorontoPlaza Premium £30.42
9AtlantaThe Club at ATL £30.42
10London Heathrow T4Plaza Premium £30.00


Top 10 cheapest airport executive lounges

RankAirportName of loungeCost for 1 adult
1TokyoNarita Travel lounge £8.74
2London Gatwick – NorthMy lounge North £20.00
3GlasgowUpper deck £22.00
4AmsterdamAspire lounge £23.58
5London Heathrow T3Club Aspire £24.99
6BirminghamAspire lounge £24.99
7London StanstedEscape lounge £25.00
8BristolAspire lounge £25.99
9EdinburghNo 1 lounge £26.00
10BarcelonaSala VIP Canudas £26.21


Cost of one week of premium parking (defined as the best/most convenient on offer)

RankAirportCost of executive/premium parking for one week
1Amsterdam £290.44
2Singapore £223.90
3Paris £166.84
4Dubai £150.11
5Toronto £145.36
6Frankfurt £139.76
7Bristol £126.99
8Atlanta £108.73
9London Luton £104.99
10London City £95.00
11London Heathrow T4 £94.60
12London Heathrow T5 £92.80
13London Heathrow T2 £87.60
14London Heathrow T3 £87.60
15Manchester £80.99
16Birmingham £79.99
17London Stansted £79.00
18Glasgow £75.64
19London Gatwick – North £73.00
20Tokyo £72.71
21London Gatwick – South £67.00
22Edinburgh £61.99
23Beijing £61.56
24Belfast International £53.99
25Barcelona £51.54


Expenses: lunch, taxi, dinner and hotel costs

RankAirport/ DestinationBasic lunch for one in the business districtTaxi costs – airport to city (one way)3 course meal for two in a mid-range restaurantOne night in a double room, mid-range hotelTotal (including exec lounge and parking)
1London Stansted – London £11.00 £293.29 £50.00 £150.00 £608.29
2Amsterdam £12.23 £53.28 £56.78 £131.03 £567.35
3London Gatwick – South – London £11.00 £210.53 £50.00 £150.00 £520.53
4London Gatwick – North – London £11.00 £210.53 £50.00 £150.00 £514.53
5Dubai £11.39 £6.98 £24.85 £113.88 £506.80
6London Heathrow T5 – London £11.00 £138.21 £50.00 £150.00 £477.00
7London Heathrow T2 – London £11.00 £138.21 £50.00 £150.00 £476.81
8London Heathrow T4 – London £11.00 £138.21 £50.00 £150.00 £473.81
9London City – London £11.00 £67.38 £50.00 £150.00 £468.38
10Paris £13.10 £41.84 £48.92 £165.97 £467.24
11London Luton – London £11.00 £120.42 £50.00 £150.00 £462.90
12London Heathrow T3 – London £11.00 £138.21 £50.00 £150.00 £461.80
13Singapore £6.66 £8.66 £27.76 £124.94 £420.93
14Toronto £9.88 £35.99 £46.52 £98.85 £367.01
15Bristol £9.00 £29.87 £50.00 £100.00 £341.85
16Frankfurt £10.48 £26.66 £43.68 £78.62 £333.26
17Atlanta £10.65 £24.72 £38.02 £95.05 £307.58
18Birmingham £11.00 £36.62 £50.00 £97.00 £299.60
19Manchester £9.00 £24.76 £55.00 £97.00 £294.75
20Tokyo £7.73 £61.15 £33.60 £94.08 £278.01
21Glasgow £10.00 £36.60 £45.00 £85.00 £274.24
22Edinburgh Airport £11.00 £21.72 £50.00 £90.00 £260.71
23Barcelona £9.61 £17.98 £34.94 £96.09 £236.36
24Belfast International £7.86 £21.44 £37.12 £80.36 £228.28
25Beijing £6.05 £9.01 £21.99 £41.77 £170.03

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO at FairFX, said: “Employee expenses can be a costly business for any size company, but for small and medium sized businesses in particular, it can be an even more hard-hitting impact on your bottom line.

“It’s scary to see just how easily expenses can pile up depending on which destination you’re in, and how wildly they vary from place to place. While you might not have much choice over the destinations where you do business, it’s worth considering your departure airport if you want more control over what’s being spent.

“Paying to access an executive lounge so employees can access a calmer working environment before their flight could be a good investment if it means they can squeeze in some extra work, but some of the premium no-hassle airport parking prices might make travellers think twice about the need for priority or premium services.”

Edinburgh Airport Guide

Edinburgh Airport  is the busiest airport in Scotland

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