Edinburgh Airport pickup charges

Edinburgh Airport is causing concern amongst taxi drivers and their customers with their excessive pickup charges . Picking up at Edinburgh Airport now costs a minimum of £3.90 . The basic problem that Edinburgh Airport has is that it is to  small for the number of passengers using it . The airport seems intent on milking its customers and taxis serving the airport to the absolute maximum . It is not surprising that the airport was recently voted the fifth worst airport in the world .

Phone 07576-127097  for bookings . Travel to your destination in comfort in a Skoda taxi , taking up to 4 passengers . For a 24 hour service , phone 07576-127097 and make a booking .Taxis from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews cost from £80 depending on the pickup time .Taxis from Edinburgh Airport to Falkirk cost from £35 depending on the pickup time . A return booking can also be made at the same time , saving time and hassle on the way back from your destination .

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